Humble origins.

Apollo began as a project on a dorm room floor with a single 3d printer. Since then, we have expanded far beyond that, having shipped hundreds of thousands of parts, partnering with other businesses to bring new products to market, expanding our prototyping and design services.

Precision Manufactured

We hold our parts to the highest standard and quality so they fit first time, every time.


All parts are built to withstand the rugged environment that cars exist in. Everything is accounted for, from the general design, to polymer reactivity, to heat resistance.

Generative Design

No more wasteful material and excess weight. Our parts use artificial intelligence to optimize everything from the interior latticework to the general design.

Prototyping Service

We provide an economical service to those needing to get custom parts made - a fast new way to get a functional part quickly.

Fast Turnaround

Prototype parts can take a while to get. That's why we continue to improve our solution's delivery time with new manufacturing techniques and a large number of machines.